List of Services Rendered
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List of Services Rendered

  • Development of design documents for mechanical equipment, substandard equipment, special hoisting machines and metal structures for waterworks of HPP, TPP, NPP, Pumped-Storage Power Plants, Condensing Power Plants, and projects with nonconventional power sources, including:
    • Cranes (of various types, use and lifting capacity);
    • Gates of various types with embedded parts;
    • Safety screens (trash racks);
    • Pick-and-place devices for servicing the gates and screens, including hydraulic drives, cranes with the set of attached implements (catching beams, cross-beams, and grippers);
    • Trash raking machines of various design;
    • Crane and secondary bridges, trestles for mechanisms, gate storage facilities, transport overbridges, equipment repair accessories and other means;
    • Carrying and lifting equipment for construction and erection work;
    • Navigation facility equipment (sluices, gates, anchors and collars, floating ring bolts, accessories for protection of sluices against docking impact);
    • Pressure pipelines with stop valves, steel plate lining, pipe supports, compensators;
    • Fish-protecting and fish-passing facilities (plane and cone rotary meshwork, fish barriers);
    • Substandard equipment for NPP (groove cleaning scrapers, hydraulic conveyors, reactor compartment cooling pond hydraulic hitches, chemical agent dischargers, leak-free doors, leak-free manholes, leak-free covers).
  • Development of design documentation (drawings of metal structure stage and detailed metal structure stage) for manufacture of construction metal works for industrial and civic buildings and facilities, including:
    • Building frames (columns, beams, lattice girders, platforms, ladders, and guards);
    • Smoke pipes of various diameters (600 mm and more);
    • Crane-runway beams;
    • Overpasses;
    • Cement storage structures (cement silos);
  • Development of design documentation for reservoirs and tanks for gas and oil products, pressure vessels, pipelines, circulatory water pipelines, including:
    • Vertical reservoirs;
    • Horizontal axis reservoirs;
    • Recirculated water pipelines of various diameters;
  • Strength analyses of equipment and structures;
  • Technical translation. English-Russian (Russian-English).
  • and other...

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