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Best projects

SPKTB Chekh-Gidrostal LLC has developed design documents and fulfilled deliveries as per the following projects:

Kudankulam NPP (India)

— Hydromechanical and substandard equipment;

Yusifiyah TPP (Iraq)

— Tanks, filters, low-pressure pipelines, substandard equipment, chimney flue as well as metal structures of the main building;

Tianwan NPP (China)

— Fastening devices for equipment, tower hoist, pipeline break stops;

Harta TPP (Iraq)

— Boiler support structures;

Siddirganch TPP (Bangladesh)

— Angle-tension tower;

Kaliningradskaya Steam-Electric Plant −2 (Russia)

— Hydromechanical equipment;

Ivanovskaya CPP (Russia)

— Metal structures for main building, overpasses, recirculated water pipelines and hydromechanical equipment, chimney flue of 120 m height and 5600 mm diameter);

Saratovskaya HPP (Russia)

— Hydromechanical equipment;

Volzhskaya HPP (Russia)

— Hydromechanical equipment;

Zelenchukskaya HPP (Russia)

— Mechanisms and hydromechanical equipment;

Rezaksayskoe Water-Storage Reservoir (Uzbekistan)

— Hydromechanical equipment;

Kingiseppsky ТК (Russia)

— Tanks of 2000 m3, 3000 m3, 5000 m3, 10,000 m3, and 20,000 m3 capacity;

Shaturskaya Condensing Power Plant (Russia)

— Chimney flue;

Pervomaiskaya Steam-Electric Plant (Russia)

— Chimney flue of 120 m height and 5000 mm diameter, and gas ducts;

Float Glass Plant, Ramenskoye district, Moscow region

— Chimney flue of 80 m height and 3800 mm diameter;

Danon-industriya LLC

— Metal structures for technical equipment building;

PromMetallKomplektatsiya LLC

— Analysis of universal shelf stand.

And this is far from the full list...

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